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Our firm is working since 1988 in Hungary. 
We are at the disposal of our customers with continuous developments, new technologies and solutions.

Our provisions:
Isolation Subsequent isolation
Isolation from watering Isolation of adobe houses
Isolation of musty walls Drying up of walls
Isolation of wet walls Isolation of watery walls
Isolation of beaten walls Isolation of nitrous walls
Isolation of cellars System of waterproof coat of plaster
László Kőrösi
Do you observed problems due to dampness of the ground?

Does the plaster-work run down, does the wall crumble?

The humid walls may cause rheumatism, 
sickness of the joint, asthma, allergy as well!

The moist wall leads out the temperature through the wall into the open.

Therefore your heating cost is increasing.
Ask now our survey of the building! 
From the price of the settling the VAT will be remitted!

The survey of the building (<b">3.900,- HUF all over the country) includes:
  • Local survey of the building – instrumental measuring of the humidity for diagnose
  • Sketch making
  • Consultation
  • Exposition of solutions, technologies, price offer
  • Fee of visit to spot
You have nothing to do, as give us your dates and I will visit you very soon!

(after making an appointment by phone about the date and the spot)


Fresh news Since 01.01.2009. you may claim back 30 % of your invoice amount regarding the Aquapol isolation procedure from the personal tax.
(Legal regulation: low about the personal tax Nr 35.§(3) and 37.§(1))
If you want further information in English language, 
please send us an e-mail: Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát. we will answer with pleasure very soon!


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